"Data Omnibus Ubique" – Data in Everything, Everywhere

DataStema is a data company that helps companies unlock the value of data by making it easy to standardize, automate and deploy effective end-to-end data solutions to reduce time and costs, meet business goals and accelerate the data analytics journey.

DataStema was founded by our team's desire to solve, rescue, and improve data projects' 80% failure rate, a known and despicable fact that we want to change in the data world. We want to provide a better way of doing it, which will help companies save money, time, and effort in the short and long run.

We build a B2B marketplace platform to help companies deploy data solutions via Data Solutions Blueprints© that accelerate and facilitate solving a specific data problem in a particular sector or industry. DataStema primarily focuses on emerging industries' use-cases.

Unlike the leading cloud vendors, owning their reference data architecture, we provide standardized Data Solutions Blueprints© without a vendor, cloud, and data lock-in, with a proven record of implementation and at least one success story, deployable in minutes with a few clicks in the Cloud or Hybrid environments.


To be the world reference base for data solutions.


To unlock the value of data by making it easy for companies to standardize, automate and deploy effective end-to-end data solutions.


To empower business teams to solve complex problems, data teams to create analytical products, and operations teams to be efficient.

Our Values

DataStema - Client Commitment
Client commitment

We constantly pursue solving pressing client data problems. We are committed to providing the best solutions to satisfy custom and complex data requirements.

DataStema - Agility and Simplicity
Agility and Simplicity

We value simplicity, being agile in responding to the requests and the needs of our external and internal clients, and avoiding getting lost in unproductive aspects.

DataStema - Discovery and Innovation
Discovery and Innovation

We endeavor to discover and adopt new business models, markets, and technology insights to transform them into winning value propositions. We keep innovating to improve the experience for our clients and everyone who uses our platform and services.

DataStema - Honesty and Transparency
Honesty and Transparency

We act with honesty and transparency, empowering every employee in our mission to propose and build innovative products and services, actively contributing to the success factors of our clients and the data community.

DataStema - Out-of-the-box Thinking
Out-of-the-box thinking

We are open-minded to new ways of doing things and are eager to learn from clients' feedback, always striving to do better.

DataStema - Data-Enabled

Data and analytics enable us in any initiative, decision, and development we pursue.