Why Do Data Projects Fail?

The lack of standardization, evolution, and automation of data solutions inside companies lead to long time-to-market of their data products or, often, the failure to deliver these, with an increased total cost of ownership.

  • A significant barrier in bringing data products to market is providing end-to-end data solutions on-demand.
  • The “build-your-own” approach requires considerable talent, time, and budget resources.
  • Data product teams are burdened with the time, cost, and complexity of finding, testing, and setting up the right data tools to implement their business cases.
  • Most vendor-led solutions don’t offer the extensibility and flexibility a company needs as it grows. Data product teams are limited by whatever the vendor decides to support in third-party integrations, add-ons, and costly customizations.
  • Infrastructure is becoming massively sophisticated, and the IT teams need to quickly understand what they must do to help implement and maintain data solutions.
  • Keeping the technology pace is very expensive, independent, and less linked to innovation. Some IT teams have already started reviewing their vendors’ strategy under new paradigms; others are not prepared for the paradigm change, but all are pressured to reduce cost.

There's A Better Way To Do It?

We are building a platform that standardizes, automates, and deploys effective end-to-end data solutions on-demand, accelerating the implementation of data products and meeting business expectations.

  • Accelerate and facilitate solving a specific data problem in a particular sector or industry by using data solutions that work, have a proven record of implementation and at least one client success story; cover end-to-end data processes: ingest, store, process, consume, manage and orchestrate; and can be deployed with a few clicks in Cloud or Hybrid environments.
  • Ensures flexibility, prevents cloud, vendor and data lock-in, and reduces cost and time by providing a Technical Framework to build Data Solutions Blueprints© using real business-case scenarios.
  • Align design and build processes by giving data product teams rules, policies, guidelines, best practices, architecture diagrams, patterns, and models grouped in a Standard to rapidly prototype and test data solutions.
  • Enable data product teams to focus on the business case and not worry about the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure, including servers, storage, networking, data tools, and databases.
  • Help the IT teams to streamline their operations, integrate better and faster with the current ecosystem, and provide quality and efficient services to business and data teams.

Advantages and Benefits

DataStema - Cost Efficient?

Deploying Data Solution Blueprints© reduces your CAPEX and OPEX budgets compared with the current ways of deployment.

DataStema - Time Issues?

Available in minutes, not months, which leads to faster time-to-market and time-to-insights of your data and analytical use-cases and products.

DataStema - Scarce Talent?

Overcome the scarce talent and skill-set in the market by involving a few people to help speed up the decision-making process.

DataStema - Can I Trust It?

All Data Solution Blueprints© are thoroughly verified and validated using transparent rules and guidelines before making them available on the marketplace.

DataStema - Complex Solution?

Data Solution Blueprints© manages the complexity of building and deploying data infrastructure assets.

DataStema - Data Ownership?

Your data is your data. You own the data. We don't touch your enterprise data; we help you unlock it faster.