Advisory and Coaching Services for your Data Analytics Journey

We constantly pursue solving pressing and complex client data problems and deliver analytics breakthroughs.

We are committed to providing the best solutions to jumpstart analytics efforts and rapidly give impacts that accelerate your data and analytics maturity.

Our team utilizes an iterative and collaborative approach to deliver quickly and frequently to maximize responsiveness to your dynamic business needs and realize immediate value with minimal risk.

We provide prebuilt deployable modern data infrastructure assets that decrease costs and accelerate the value of analytics through our Data Solution Blueprints©.

We help and support you in different data analytics journey phases.

Vision &

  • Align investments to the company's vision, mission, and strategic goals
  • Establish a Center of Excellence and a Roadmap to follow
  • Define operating model and priority capability

Management &

  • Begin establishing a foundation for data as a strategic asset
  • Formulate structured data management and governance framework
  • Establish a target operating model


  • Deliver pilot to establish quick win and proof of concept (POC)
  • RFI, RFQ, RFP sourcing, Vendor selection
  • Pilot/Prototype projects to seize quick wins
  • Establish proof points for benefit realization

Build &

  • Review, refine, and reassess to build and scale capabilities incrementally
  • Industrialized, enterprise-scale execution of the roadmap
  • Drive enterprise wide business adoption
  • Full benefits realization

Our Expertise

DataStema - Data Strategy and Management
Data and Analytics Strategy

Define a data strategy that considers your company's strategic alignment, talent and leadership, business processes, and the entire information lifecycle and systems associated with it to elevate the effective generation and application of insights in all areas of the enterprise.

DataStema - Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise Architecture

Transform your company's enterprise architecture to support new business directions and leverage advances in technology areas such as cloud, mobile, digital, and analytics. This includes services and solutions related to innovation, outsourcing, architecture, cloud, service management, mobile, infrastructure management, governance, application, and data management.

DataStema - Data Transformation Programs
Data Transformation Programs

Transform your company via data programs to build a culture of asking the right questions and construct an ecosystem of data, digital, and innovation capabilities to support an analytical culture.
Ask the Right Questions, Do the Right Analysis, Take the Right Actions.

DataStema - Data Product Organization
Data Product Organization

Become a Data Product Organization that relies on the fundamental building blocks of People, Process, Data, and Technology being in place and informed by a solid Data & Analytics Strategy. Data and Analytics used to be the domain of a few select business teams, but today it concerns the entire organization, from C-Suite Execs to junior roles.

DataStema - Data Architecture Modernization
Data Architecture Modernization

Maximize your company's data architecture potential value to deliver operational excellence, new products and services, competitive agility, and growth by designing modern data and analytics architecture solutions, vendor agnostic, focusing on building data capabilities and delivering information to improve performance and optimize insights.

DataStema - Data Analytics Initiatives
Data Analytics Initiatives

The increasing availability of data sources and sophisticated analytical tools provides an opportunity to exploit valuable analytics initiatives that were previously not accessible. Taking steps to harness information and generate insights today will enable your company to proactively progress through further, inevitable disruption rather than emergency response.